Wizard Skull Burger Buddy OG - Buff Ronald McDonald

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Ladies and gents, boys and girls, burger aficionados, and art enthusiasts alike... Presenting the most epic fusion since peanut butter met jelly... the "Buff Ronald Burger Buddy" by the legendary Wizard Skull!

At a whopping 7 inches, it's not just a toy, it's a statement! Brighten up your shelf, up your office cred, or even make your grandma jealous at the next family gathering. Combining the quirky aesthetics of Wizard Skull with a delightful dash of whimsy, it's the collectible that screams, "I'm cultured, but I also know how to party!"

Whether you're a toy collector, an art lover, or someone who just appreciates a beefy burger mascot, the Buff Ronald is here to satiate your aesthetic appetite. So, why wait? Elevate your collection, boost your bragging rights, and be the proud owner of the Buff Ronald Burger Buddy.

Get it now, or regret it later when it's sizzling hot on the resale market!

Remember: Buff Ronald doesn’t skip leg day, so don't skip out on adding him to your collection!


Wizard Skull x Hunt Tokyo partner to release the latesest Sexy Ronald collectible. The Burger Buddy is a 7" figure that portrays Sexy Ronald on a juicy cheeseburger.
Burger Buddy OG color edition
Dimension: 7" W12×H17×D10 (cm)
Material: Resin
Original Box
Color: OG
Edition : 100