Sexy Ronald by Wizard Skull - 5" OG

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Hey, art aficionados and street culture connoisseurs! Feast your eyes on this exclusive, 5″ vinyl masterpiece, straight from the whimsical world of Wizard Skull. A tangible slice of street art legend, this isn't just a figure; it's a rebellion in vinyl form.

Crafted by the maestros at UVD Toys, it embodies the quirky, irreverent spirit of the streets. You're not just buying a collectible; you're owning a piece of the pavement, a fragment of the urban canvas. This isn't just a toy, folks – it's a statement, a pocket-sized revolution, and a nod to the underground.

Get ready to add some street cred to your shelf with this world-famous design by Wizard Skull. Grab it before it becomes the 'one that got away' in the urban art scene!

Sexy Ronald by Wizard Skull - 5" OG

By UVD Toys

First Edition