Traylor Trash Cat #7 by The Duke of Marlow

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"Traylor Trash Cat #7" by The Duke of Marlow

Step into the whimsical world of "Traylor Trash Cat #7," a delightful piece by The Duke of Marlow inspired by the renowned folk artist Bill Traylor. This charming artwork infuses imaginative and modern folk art stylings, creating a vibrant and playful depiction that pays homage to Traylor's legacy.

Crafted with care and creativity, "Traylor Trash Cat #7" measures 6" x 6.5" and is perfect for adding a touch of folk art charm to any space. The Duke of Marlow's unique approach brings a fresh and contemporary twist to traditional folk themes, making this piece a standout addition to your collection.

Own this unique piece of modern folk art today for just $75 and celebrate the fusion of classic inspiration with contemporary creativity.

Price: $75
Artist: The Duke of Marlow
Title: Traylor Trash Cat #7
Size: 6" x 6.5"