Bud Babe: Dot Halo by The Duke of Marlow

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"Bud Babe: Dot Halo" by The Duke of Marlow

Experience the captivating essence of "Bud Babe: Dot Halo," a remarkable piece by The Duke of Marlow. This artwork beautifully captures the spiritual nature of everyday people and celebrities, blending playfulness with profound intuition in a modern folk art style.

Created in Fairhope, Alabama, "Bud Babe: Dot Halo" invites viewers to explore the deeper connections that unite us all, transcending the ordinary and highlighting the extraordinary within each of us. Measuring 17" x 10.5", this piece is a perfect addition to any art collection, showcasing The Duke of Marlow's talent for merging traditional folk elements with contemporary themes.

Add this unique and charming piece to your home for $225 and enjoy the touch of Southern artistry and spiritual depth it brings.

Price: $225
Artist: The Duke of Marlow
Title: Bud Babe: Dot Halo
Size: 17" x 10.5"