Top Bidder Paid $1,000 for Sexy Ronald McDonald Toy

29th Jul 2023

An auction of a Sexy Ronald McDonald figurine surprised many in the collectible world. Modeled after a classic image from the artist Wizard Skull, it shows the iconic character in a new light.

The strapping depiction of the well-known clown launched Wizard Skull to international fame. We bet you’ll look at Ronald in a whole new way after you learn more.

We’ll see what inspired a bidder to set a new record for a toy by the artist in early December 2022.

Let’s check it out!

What is Sexy Ronald McDonald?

Sexy Ronald McDonald, circa 2011, features a buff Ronald McDonald with fries popping out of his stars and stripes briefs. It looks about how you’d imagine; red, curly wig, freaky clown makeup, hairless chest, tight abs, and a generous serving of fries.

Since the image debuted in 2011, the artist created stickers, t-shirts, and backpacks with the sexy clown. Wizard Skull’s website has a whole page dedicated to the image. True to form, the page features cosplay, stickers, posters, toilet seats, phone cases, and tattoos.

When Was the Sexy Ronald McDonald Toy Auctioned Off?

On December 8, 2022, Neal Auction Company held an auction for one vintage Sexy Ronald McDonald. They didn’t know how hot the market for Wizard Skull’s work was because the estimated price only showed $100 to $200. Beginning at 11 am, the bids rose steadily until reaching the winning bid of $1,088.

The street culture collectible niche is booming right now. Artists like Kaws and Hebru Brantley also pull in more than $1,000 per collectible toy.

The auction wasn’t a stodgy affair, with several prominent street artists featured. Besides six Wizard Skull pieces, the auction included Jeff Koons, Ben Frost, Shepard Fairey, Invader, and Cope2 items.

Sandwiched between furniture, lamps, and silverware, this auction provided something for every collector.

You can get the 5" OG Sexy Ronald Here.

Tell Me About the Sexy Ronald McDonald Toy

Wizards Skull and UVD Toys released several versions of Sexy Ronald McDonald in small runs, a factor that adds to the value. Aside from the original release with the red briefs, the “Old Glory” version features American flag briefs.

The auction in December 2022 featured the vintage version of the toy. It’s produced with muted colors and looks straight out of the 70s. Only 100 were created in the original run, making them the perfect collector’s item at $175, but the auction block made all the difference.

UVD Toys collaborates with contemporary street artists to create vinyl toys of their work.

Originally Urban Vinyl Daily, UVD focuses on spreading the gospel of street art to the masses. They’ve also worked with artists like Cope2, ghost boner, and Creepy Gals to create small-run vinyl toys for collectors.

Who is Wizard Skull?

Alexander Duke, AKA Wizard Skull, is a New Jersey native living in Los Angeles. He started in art, designing t-shirts, skateboard decks, and video graphics for a local skateboard shop. Exposure to graffiti and poster art eventually inspired Duke to create his own wheatpaste designs, including Sexy Ronald McDonald in 2011.

Without word of mouth, Sexy Ronald McDonald never would’ve taken off. But Wizard Skull and others shared the image of the buff clown, and it took off. Additionally, his other paintings warp classic 90s cartoon characters like the Simpsons, SpongeBob, and even Mickey Mouse into squiggly lined abstractions.

One thing you can’t miss about Wizard Skull is the rudeboy skater culture that infuses his work. In fact, male anatomy jokes abound and frequently appear in his early zines and paintings. Recently, however, he’s focused more on abstract cartoon characters and had more success in gallery shows.

By far, his most recognized image is Sexy Ronald McDonald. So let’s dig into the fry basket and find out more.

What is the Neal Auction Company?

Based in New Orleans, Neal Auction Company held its first auction in 1984. Since then, they’ve regularly held record-setting auctions out of their Magazine Street gallery. Their sales feature furniture, porcelain, silver, and art. In fact, most auctions offer a little bit of everything, from 16th-century chairs to Xanax posters by Ben Frost.

Due to its regional reputation, Neal Auction Company works with consignors throughout the South. Included in their sales are items from major museums and private collectors alike.

Has Wizard Skull Made Other Toys?

Wizard Skull’s collaboration with UVD is only one of his forays into the toy market. Besides the Sexy Ronald McDonald, he’s also made a few others over the years featuring some familiar faces.

Part of the Monsters of Advertising Group Art Show at Mothership Toy Gallery, Golden Mickey is available for $200. A small figurine, the toy is a riff on Wizard Skull’s painting Double Mickey. Wizard Skull also produced a series of paintings based on cartoon characters holding their own heads down at their hips.

Double Mouse, another take on Double Mickey, is more authentic to the painting featuring normal coloring on the iconic rodent. You can still find versions of this one around in different variations. A pink version exists and will set you back close to $700.

Beyond his collaborations with toymakers, Wizard Skull also produced several resin-cast figures. In one example, we see a riff on the ouroboros image of a snake eating itself. This toy casts Homer Simpson as a self-fellating donut, an idea right on brand for Wizard Skull. It sold for $299 by the website Viciousfun as a one-off.

Sex Sells In the Art World

Even for small collectibles, the art market is smoking hot. They always say that art is a great place to park your investments.

Sexy Ronald McDonald by Wizard Skull and UVD Toys proves that folks are willing to put their money where their mouth is. For one lucky collector, the seductive face of Ronald McDonald was worth $1,088 on the open market. If only it came with fries.

What do you think about the Sexy Ronald McDonald auction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.