Vintage 80s Baracuta Grey Jacket - Large (42 R)

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Large Vintage 80s Baracuta Grey Jacket (42 R)

Attention retro enthusiasts and fashion trailblazers! Transport yourself to the vibrant era of the 80s with the Baracuta Khaki Bomber Jacket.

This isn't just a jacket; it's an emblem of a time when music rocked harder and style dared bolder. With its impeccable tailoring and unmatched flair, the Baracuta Bomber promises more than warmth—it's your ticket to a timeless statement.

From neon-lit city streets to contemporary cafes, let the world see you in a light that's both vintage and visionary. The 80s might be history, but with this jacket, its spirit lives on. Grab yours and let the legacy continue!

View all pictures - in good vintage condition.

Large Vintage 80s Baracuta Grey Jacket (42 R)