Sun Woman by Daniel Benayun

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The Daniel Benayun Collection is an exclusive series of T-Shirts offered exclusively by Aerosol Art Club. The collection focuses on Benayun's work that overlaps with a vintage urban style.

Each shirt comes with a signed and numbered tag from Benayun.

Every Daniel Benayun Collection T-Shirt design is limited to 50 pieces, and that means no more than 15 tees of any one size.

Designed in the USA. Hand-Pressed by the Aerosol Art Club Team in Fairhope, Alabama. 

Unisex Sizing.

T-Shirt production is 100% No Sweatshops and Eco-Friendly.


Daniel Benayun Bio:

Benayun was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He paints and teaches from his studio in Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Through art I explore and reconstruct the magical idealism of mid-twentieth-century advertising, popularized by LIFE Magazine. I transfer these sentiments to a parallel universe of my creation, constructed of text and figurative imagery, often containing metaphors and splashes of humor. Found ephemera, books, and posters serve as points of inspiration.

I then translate into advertisements for entirely imagined products, rendered in opaque, water-based paints to evoke the bold colors and sharp textures associated with mid-twentieth-century commercial design. With paint and brushes, I visually attempt to reset the thread of time, installing myself as the creator of an anti-capitalistic zeitgeist that resurrects the wonder and intrigue of print advertising. 

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